Schools and Universities

Working with Schools and Universities

Having worked for nearly 15 years establishing the University of Suffolk, as well as being a trustee of the University of Suffolk Students’ Union and a school governor I have a broad knowledge and understanding of the education sector. I am committed and passionate about the value and impact of education and the wider importance for our communities of having strong impactful schools, colleges and universities within them.

I know resources are tight. I know expectations are high. I know the pressure to deliver is intense. I can support with a range of services. I can be an additional resource during busy periods or deliver a project that, with current workloads, your staff can not prioritise.

Strategic Relations and Executive Engagement

  • Chief of staff support for VC/Executive Team/Headteacher/Governors  
  • Board/Council/governor succession planning and research
  • Chancellor research and impact assessments
  • External engagement and civic impact reviews and strategy
  • Business and community engagement strategy
  • Establishing and developing emerging business functions
  • Refreshing teams and reviewing activity
  • Support with academisation

Fundraising and Alumni Relations

  • Fundraising strategy
  • Alumni relations strategy
  • Staffing reviews and consideration
  • Fundraising Regulator knowledge and experience
  • Trustee board knowledge and experience
  • Development and producing systems, processes and essential structures

Marketing and Communications

  • Student recruitment marketing strategy
  • Corporate marketing and communication strategy and project management
  • Publications project management
  • Website reviews and project management  
  • Brand and visual identity review, refresh and project management
  • Internal and external communication impact assessments and reviews

TDAP and University Title

  • Project management
  • Communication plans and external impact

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