I work behind the scenes to maximise your time and effectiveness. Solving problems, delivering research and projects, supporting your teams during busy periods as well as acting as a confidant and a sounding board for ideas.

The potential is broad. Please get in contact to discuss your requirements.

Services offered include:

Strategic Relations and Executive Engagement

  • Non-Exec director level succession planning and research
  • Community engagement strategy
  • Establishing and developing emerging business functions
  • Refreshing teams and reviewing activity in areas of the business

Project Management

  • Taking on projects that do not fall specifically to an internal department or individual
  • Keeping current projects on track or bringing them back on budget or within agreed timescales
  • Taking your vision and working with you to develop priorities and deliver outcomes

Stakeholder and Relationship Management

  • Following up and creating records for contacts made networking
  • Recording meetings and events
  • Representing the CEO at events

Supporting Executive Assistant

  • Working alongside your Executive Assistant to maximise your vision, reach more people, helping your day to run more smoothly and prioritising your time.
  • Providing background research and insight to maximise the value of your engagements

Fundraising Management

  • Fundraising strategy
  • Donor relations strategy
  • Staffing reviews and consideration
  • Fundraising Regulator knowledge and experience
  • Development of systems, processes and essential structures
  • Trusts and Foundations strategy, engagement and management


  • External and internal communication management, including impact assessments and reviews
  • Drafting newsletters and emails
  • Producing reports
  • Outlining speeches and producing presentations, as well as researching audiences and possible topics to cover


  • Strategic marketing plans
  • Brand and visual identity reviews and management
  • Publications and marketing materials project management
  • Website reviews, updates and management
  • Social media management and reviews of effectiveness

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